MDOT Bridge Advisories

Resource Summary
The Bridge Advisory (BA) is intended to convey information to MDOT, local agencies, and contractors working for these agencies. The intent of the advisories is to provide guidance and share information on bridge safety, bridge inspection, bridge management, and bridge load rating issues.

MDOT Camelback Tutorial

Resource Summary
This tutorial is a general guide for modeling a camelback bridge in AASHTOWare Bridge Rating. The tutorial methodology relies on a sample MDOT standard plan bridge that has a 60-ft reinforced concrete girder with a 22-ft roadway, but it should be adapted accordingly for any modifications to the standard plan and for the specific rebar present in the bridge.

Bridge Rating Technical Notes

Resource Summary
AASHTOWare occasionally releases Technical Notes with patches that address minor issues found in AASHTOWare Bridge Rating & Design. Relevant patches should be installed as soon as you are able. Each current Technical Note includes a pdf that describes the issue, how to resolve the issue, and how to install the other file available for download. This page requires a username and password that you should have received with your license paperwork.
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