Obtaining AASHTOWare Bridge Rating

Steps to Obtain or Renew AASHTOWare Bridge Rating for Local Agencies and Local Agency Consultants

(Please note that this process may take several weeks.)

1. Order the software from AASHTOWare.

Note: Because AASHTOWare Bridge Rating software is updated annually, licenses are active from July 1st to June 30th the following year. Therefore, you must renew your license annually on or before June 30th to ensure uninterrupted software functionality.

  1. Navigate to the AASHTOWare store website.
  2. Register if you are a new user, or Login if you are a current user.
  3. Order or Review Sponsored Consultant Licenses (AASHTOWare Bridge Rating) - No Fee option

2. Receive your software download and instructions via e-mails.

Note: You will receive e-mails from the software developer, BrDR (at) promiles.com, containing software download links.

Important: The download link will expire; please download the software before the expiration.